Hannah Visits (Part Dos)

PART TWO: SOUTH AFRICA (and Swaziland)

The number one place I wanted to take Hannah to was the Cheetah Experience. I went here last year and since that day dreamed of getting to take her. We lost a full day but I told her that if this was the only thing we would do in her time here then it would still be worth it. I think she agreed afterwards, but luckily things were even more amazing as we went on. Hover over the picture to see the full caption.

From there we drove as far as we could make it towards Cape Town. The 11+ hour drive there is flat and uninteresting for the most part. ALMOST as boring as Kansas, Nebraska or one of those other states no one really cares to ever pass through more than once:

We continued up the coast and spent a few days in Durban where we got really good, cheap Indian food, and a few other places. It was all beautiful and worth spending time in. We went through Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve north of Richard’s Bay where we got stuck in a mud puddle for a couple of hours. One car stumbled up on us and freaked out that we were outside the car trying to wedge sticks under the wheels. He said lions were just spotted in the area and that we should be on the lookout. We didn’t unfortunately see any lions, but we still got to see a lot of things. We also went through the Isimangaliso Wetland Park just northeast of that.  I’ll keep this brief; almost as brief as our trip through Swaziland:

We drove through Swaziland for about 4 hours, during the night and only stopped once to take a picture of the ‘Welcome to Swaziland’ sign. That picture and the stamps on our passports are the only things we got. We basically extended our trip by almost 6 hours just to say, “we’ve been in Swaziland.” It wasn’t worth it.

Hannah is back in the U.S. starting graduate school at Texas A&M while I finish my last year of Peace Corps. One more year apart before I come back to the States. We both agreed we were okay with small amounts of time apart, but never 1-year plus again after this.

Till next time,

Jody and Hannah


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