“I’m in a glass case of emotion” -Ron Burgundy

I finally received final medical clearance. For a little while, I thought I wouldn’t be going to Lesotho, but I’ve made it through the last seemingly never-ending wait period. There is nothing else for me to do besides wait on my plane ticket to Philadelphia sometime in early May. Everything is a go!

The past few months have been INSANE! After finishing all my dentist appointments, I visited the doctor’s office several times for my physical exam and some lab tests, a different lab for more blood tests, and the health department for shots and again, more blood tests. The receptionists and nurses became familiar with me and always wondered what I was there for this time. Future Peace Corps Volunteers, be aware that you are responsible for most of the costs affiliated with reaching final medical clearance. I didn’t know this and $600+ for all of these things came as a little bit of a shock to me. Outside of all of this, I have not really been doing anything of much interest. I am currently working two jobs and just try and spend as much time with people as I can.

I probably won’t be posting again until I either get to Philadelphia on June 3 or until after I reach Lesotho around June 5 as nothing of great excitement is planned between now and then. Exactly 7 weeks left.

I’ll see you on the other side,


P.S Spring is here and I’m loving it!



4 thoughts on ““I’m in a glass case of emotion” -Ron Burgundy

  1. I totally know what you mean by unexpected cost for all the Peace Corps stuff. I am just over $650 myself. Congratulations on Final Clearance! I am headed out on May 29 for Mongolia!
    Safe Travels!

  2. Right there with you Jody. Last night, I think it finally became real. Bag of nerves today! Still excited. Iti s so wrong to get spring a few days of summer and then bam Winter again! Can’t wait to meet you at staging!

    • Every night I get a little more excited and a little more nervous about packing. Let’s enjoy the few days of summer that we can. The next summer that we will see will be summer 2016.

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