Finally know where I’m going…Just need to graduate!

Anyone who has completed the Peace Corps (PC) application and interview has experienced the seemingly never ending wait for the invitation. I feel like the wait is part of the application to test your patience. After nearly a year of waiting, (because I applied earlier than most) I finally received my invitation to serve in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho (pronounced “Le-su-tu”).

I was originally scheduled to leave in March 2014 but for reasons unknown, I don’t leave until June 2014.


I got this email towards the end of my final semester of college, and to be quite honest, school has hopped in the backseat. I couldn’t (and still can’t) stop researching the history, culture, language, the project I will be a part of and THE BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS. Do a quick Google search of this place; it is any hiker’s dream!

I started the morning studying for my Biochem exam that is tomorrow and I got sidetracked and re-read my invitation for the hundredth time and started looking up things about Lesotho. I found a whole world of Peace Corps/Lesotho volunteers including a girl who arrived in Lesotho just a few months ago. I can’t wait to get in touch with her and find out what I’m about to experience. I took finding her blog as a warrant that it was okay for me to make a blog too. So here’s to post number 1 and to many more to come.



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